Friends Again


I don't remember when we met for the first time. We had just been spending the same time and space, without any purpose everyday. Even when we couldn't see each other, we all knew they are doing alright. Nowadays I don't know the details about them but I'm sure they are doing fine like before. ‘Normal’ life will return sooner than expected.

‘SHORT HOPE’ was my first cigarette. Though I was fooled by the small package and honey coated figure, that was far from mild. On the contrary, there is the cigarette named 'PEACE'. We normally call them as 'LONG PEACE'. Without doubt, they are longer than my 'HOPE'. However, the length doesn't matter. The cigarette is just a cigarette, as does everything. Still, I prefer shorter hopes to longer peace.

The power went out on 11 March, 2011. I found the stars were beautiful when I looked up at the night sky. The same sky never been seen again in this city.

I have been recording my daily life in photographs under the dazzling lights. It’s for the time I get together with my friends again someday.

When the time comes, let's drink beer over my photographs in a room.

There must be same warm orange light around us again.



初めて買ったタバコは SHORT HOPE。10本しか入ってなくて蜂蜜を塗ったタバコだなんて、あの小さい見た目に騙された。短くてもタバコはタバコだ。それでも長い平和よりは短い希望の方がいい。


木村 巧


Fumi Moriyama

Miho Miyasaka

Katsuki Kakinohana

Hirona Inoue

Tamari Yamane

Shintaro Yamaguchi

Fumiya Nagata

Keitaro Abekawa

Shunei Watanabe



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